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Smart Medical ID Keychain

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  • Medical ID keychain with Online Medical Profile.
  • Link free Online Medical Profile with the product using app or web. No special App needed. Works with any mobile QR Scanner app.
  • 2 Ways to access Medical Profile. Either Click, or Scan for 24/7 Emergency Support. Access points to your medical profile are laser engraved for maximum durability
  • Great diabetic keychain, allergy keychain, and medical keychain, for heart disease, epilepsy, autism, diabetes, special needs and more
  • Comfortable, lightweight, all silicone design. Durable and stylish with a simple snap-and-tuck fastener. Metal MyICETag Pod is is modular in design-which allows it to fit into a variety of bands, necklaces, and wearables
  • Adjustable to fit variety of keychain holders, making a great medical keychain or emergency ID keychain.
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Diabetic bracelets & allergy bracelets - Peace Of Mind With Protection That's Tough, Maintenance-Free and Works For You 24/7!

A Medical ID keychain can ensure you get an on time care vis a vis a trial and error to diagnose and treat

Let us say a Diabetic patient falls ill suddenly and is not able to communicate with the doctors or paramedics. Having a Medical ID ensures emergency medical personnel learn that you have diabetes, and understand what to do.

Helping You to Maintain an “Allergey Free” Life

Allergies can be a problem and many a times life threatening. Having a Medical Wristband ensures that people around you are aware of your condition and the medical professionals can take care of you based on your condition rather than trying to beat around the bush with a trial and error kind of treatment for you.

Medical keychains can help in Dementia, protect your loved ones

Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia may lead to a individual wandering off from home and get lost. In case that happens, a medical alert ID keychain will help identify the individual but provide details of the ongoing medications to a paramedic who might be trying to save your loved one In the Case of an Emergency.

Stay safe with Medical ID keychains, and ensure peace at home

You could be in adrenaline filled activity but the loved ones at home could be really anxious. In an emergency, the first responders can access your personal and medical details from your Medical ID to understand your condition and provide the right treatment.

MyICETag App allows free Profile management

Your vital info- name, emergency contacts, Address, Medical Condition(s), Medications, Allergies, Doctors, Hospitalizations, Insurance Details, Blood group and more, along with full control over which information you want to reveal in public, can be managed with the free Android MyICETag App.

Manage profiles for your complete family

With the MyICETag mobile app it’s easy to manage multiple medical profiles of various family members under a single account. This includes individuals living with diabetes, autism & other medical conditions.

Manage multiple MyICETag products to one profile

You are free to link even 10 bracelets, 5 sticker kits, and/or a wallet card all to a single medical profile. Once a profile is updated anywhere, all your linked products are updated with that record instantaneously.

2 access points to preview the profile

1. QR Code – Any QR code app can be scanned to view the profile you created online. No specific app needed.
2. Secure Website - Alternatively, visit MyICETag.com and input ID and PIN. In this case, you don’t even need a smart phone.

Notify contacts in an emergency

When profile is viewed all emergency contacts can be notified. It all depends on what you inout in your profile. You have the control.

Panic Alert notification via Email & SMS

Your contacts (in an emergency) are notified with a panic alert email and SMS notification, with precise location coordinates when available, as a google map link.

Google Maps Location

Location tracking works with the Smart phone settings, or the computer viewing the tag. Smartphones have access to their location at all times, with GPS assist and other location services - and can share precise location information.

Other Benefits of MyICETag Mobile app

Convert your entire medical profile online including all diagnostics and other personal records. Share with your Doctor or Family using chat, Skype, email etc. Create an Emergency QR Coded Wallpaper using our mobile app to convert your phone into a MyICETag Product.