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Smart Medical Alert Wristband

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  • Medical ID Bracelet with Online Medical Profile. Suitable for kids and adults.
  • Link free Online Medical Profile with the product using app or web. No special App needed. Works with any mobile QR Scanner app.
  • Simple to setup, enjoy Peace of Mind.
  • Comfortable, lightweight, all silicone design. Durable and stylish.
  • 2 Ways to access Medical Profile. Either Click, or Scan for 24/7 Emergency Support.
  • Updateable, cloud based profile backed by 256 Bit Encryption to keep your data safe
  • Great diabetic bracelet, allergy bracelet, and medical bracelet for heart disease, epilepsy, autism, diabetes, special needs and more
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Medical wristband - Peace Of Mind With Protection That's Tough, Maintenance-Free and Works For You 24/7!

Wearing this simple accessory can mean the difference between immediate care and prolonged trial and error during treatment

If you or a loved one living with diabetes get into trouble with a low or a high blood sugar, and can’t help yourself, emergency medical personnel will see that you have diabetes, and will know what to do to help you right away.

Helping You to Maintain an “Allergy Free” Life

High fever, illnesses, trauma can cause disorientation or confusion, making recalling drug allergies and self-advocating challenging or impossible. Allergies are especially problematic for young children. Medical id alert bracelets serve as a reminder to other adults as to what foods not to give your child.

The ID Wrist Band Your loved one with Dementia may Need Today

Studies suggest a high number of people with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia will wander from home and get lost. Should that happen, a medical alert ID bracelet will not only identify the individual but provide the ongoing medications to a paramedic who might be trying to save your loved one In Case of an Emergency.

Be safe! Remember there's someone waiting back home.

As we feel the adrenaline rush there's someone back home who is feeling anxious. Be prepared for an emergency by wearing an ICE (In Case of Emergency) ID. Should an emergency occur, the first responders can access your details and offer you the right timely treatment.

Manage Medical Profile using free Mobile App or Web

Use the free MyICETag Android/iOS Mobile App to manage vitals like – Emergency Contacts, Address, Medical Conditions, Medications, Allergies, Doctors, Hospitalizations, Insurance Details, Blood group and much more, with full control over which information you want to make public.

Manage profiles for the entire family

MyICETag mobile app makes it easy to manage multiple medical profiles under a single account—perfect for families. Also great for those living with diabetes, autism, & other medical conditions.

Link multiple MyICETag products to one profile

There is no limit. Feel free to link 10 bracelets, 5 sticker kits, and a wallet card all to one medical profile. Once you make an update to that profile, all your linked products are updated instantaneously.

2 access points to preview the profile

1. QR Code – Simply Scan the QR Code using a smart phone and view the profile you created online. No special app needed.
2. Secure Website - In case a smart phone is not handy simply visit MyICETag website and input ID and PIN.

Notify Emergency Contacts

Create multiple emergency contacts for a profile. When profile is viewed all emergency contacts can be notified.

Panic Alert Email & SMS

Emergency contacts are notified with a panic alert email and SMS notification, as a google map link, with accurate location coordinates when available.

Google Maps Location

Location tracking works with the settings of the smartphone, or the computer viewing the tag. Smartphones have detailed awareness of their location at all times, with GPS assist and other location services - so they can share precise location information.

Additional Benefits of MyICETag Mobile app

Convert your entire medical profile online including x-Rays, blood tests, MRI Scans and much more. Share with your Doctor or Family using WhatsApp, Skype, email etc. Create an Emergency QR Coded Wallpaper using our mobile app to convert your phone into a MyICETag Product.