Account Management

I didn't receive the activation email when I creating my account.

It most likely the activation email didn't send successfully, please check following if this happens:
1. Did you put your email address correctly?
2. Did you check your spam folder?
3. It may be blocked by your email provider.
4. If you would like to have another activation email sent, please register with the same email address again

How secure is my data?

We understand that privacy and security are important to you. We use the latest encryption technology when we store your data, your data is secure with us.

What is your Refund Policy?

Your online purchase is backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with your MyICETag product, you can return it within 30 days of your original purchase date for a 100% refund. The product must be in re-sellable condition. The MyICETag 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee only applies to purchases made on the website.
Custom engraved products are final sale—they are NOT eligible for the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


MyICETag Product

What is MyICETag?

MyICETag facilitates accessibility of medical profile from anywhere, anytime using medical id bracelets, dog id tags, and a mobile application on your cell phone. This is used to store/ manage critical medical information of the person or pet, and thus helps save life in cases of an emergency or even in lost and found cases of pets, by clearly communicating important information to a healthcare provider and family.

MyICETag is maintenance free, does not require batteries to stay charged, and has no inbuilt electronics to maintain/ break. It uses non active technologies including the use of the smartphone of the viewer or a computer to read and decipher the tag to be able to deliver the information of desired location. This way the Tags use the smartness of the present phones including inbuilt complex mechanisms to get as close to possible information (using data from Wi-Fi servers, Cell phone towers, and GPS) even when inside buildings, or in basements/ tunnels or in cases of bad weather – when GPS may not work as desired.

How does MyICETag help In Case of Emergency?

Each MyICETag product comes with a universal Star of Life Symbol. First Responders are trained to look for Start of Life Symbol when providing primary care.
Whenever your MyICETag Profile is scanned an email is sent to the account owner with the last location where the scan took place.
When a MyICETag profile is viewed after a scan, there is a button to Notify Emergency Contacts.
Clicking this button will send out an email and SMS alert to the emergency contacts setup for that profile.

What is a QR Code

QR stands for Quick Response and is sort of like a barcode. You may have seen them on advertisements! They essentially connect the physical world with the digital world. They can store data and are scannable by any smartphone, which we think is perfect for something as complex as a medical profile.

What All Medical Information can I store?

In addition to your personal info, Emergency Contacts and Address you can store vitals like
1. Medical Conditions
2. Medications
3. Allergies
4. Doctors
5. Hospitalizations
6. Insurance
7. Medical Reports
8. Any other relevant documents

Does you products cater to pets?

MyICETag products caters for the whole family including your beloved pets. Please visit our online shop to see the pet product range.

For pets why should I use MyICETag compared to other tags and micro-chip implants

Unlike traditional engraved tags the MyICETag QR code pet tag can contain a huge amount of information and is instantly updateable with new information when your or your pet's circumstances change. Imagine that you go on holiday where doesn't have great cell phone reception and your pets are with your parents or friends and run off, someone who finds them will have problem to contact you, with MyICETag, you can simply update the contact information to include your parent's or friend's phone number.
Unlike micro-chips the MyICETag ID tag is clearly visible and readable using common smartphone so whoever finds your lost pet can return them to you quickly and easily. A standard micro-chip would need to be read by a vet before your pet could be returned home.

How do I link a MyICETag Product to a Profile or active a MyICETag Product?

1. Register to create an account.
2. Create a medical profile. You can manage profiles of all your loved ones using one account.
3. Use the ID and PIN found on the product to link it to a profile of your choice.
4. You can also link multiple products to suit your style, to the same profile.

Do you guys have an app?

Yes, we have a free app for iOS and Android. Our app makes it even easier to have your medical information right at your fingertips. There's also a feature called QR Wallpaper which allows you to set a scannable QR code right on your phone's lock screen.

What happens if I lose MyICETag?

No worries, simply log into your account and click Manage Linked Products to unlink it. If you end up finding it under the couch, simply link it back to your profile.

My tag can't be scanned

All our tags are tested before packing for code clarity and operation. Code readers also rely on the ability of your phone to get a clear image of the code so please try cleaning your phones camera lens or make sure this is sufficient light. If this does not solve the problem please contact us at

What if the finder doesn't have a smartphone or doesn't know QR code?

Each MyICETag comes with a unique human readable ID/PIN and web address, if the finder doesn't have a smartphone or doesn't know how to scan a qrcode, she or he can simply type the URL address on any internet connected device (computer, laptop, tablet) to see the information and contact you immediately.

Do I need a smart phone to use MyICETag?

It is not necessary for you to own a smartphone, you can manage and view your profiles on any computer connected to the internet.

Do the MyICETag Wrist Bracelets stretch over time?

The MyICETag bracelets are very durable and maintains its shape over time. The do not stretch out over time, but will keep its same shape for a long time.

I have a latex allergy. Can I still wear your products?

If you are allergic to latex you can still wear MyICETag products. All of our MyICETag products are made from silicone and flouroelastomer and are latex-free.


Profile Management

How many profiles can I have on my account?

As many as your heart desires. That's a lot! However, we do monitor abuse, so play nice :)

How many products can I link to my profile?

There is no limit. Feel free to link 10 bracelets, 5 sticker kits, and a wallet card all to one profile.
Once you make an update to that profile, all your linked products are updated instantaneously. Oh, that's nice!

What's privacy setting?

Privacy setting allows you to choose what information you want to share to the public, you may elect to keep any or all fields within your profile empty or populate each field and elect to display the information until needed.



How much does it cost?

It's free to create account and profiles on or using our free Mobile App. Prices for MyICETag products vary according to size, type and quantity, please visit MyICETag Store to learn more.

What is MyICETag Product Validity?

MyICETag Product QR Code, ID/PIN is valid for a period of two years from the date of fist linking it to a profile. The returned product(s), ID and PIN will become invalid and will no longer appear when the bracelet is scanned.
After the two year validity is over you can purchase an annual subscription to extend the product validity by 1 year or alternatively purchase the latest range of product and link it to the profile.
The annual subscription costs will be a nominal charge to cover the hosting cost.

Are MyICETag Profiles free?

Yes! MyICETag Profiles linked to a valid MyICETag Product are free for a life time. Each MyICETag profile comes with a storage space of 25MB to store all your blood reports, prescriptions or any other relevant documents.
Profiles not linked to a MyICETag Product or linked to an expired MyICETag Product might be deleted after a period of 6 months.