About Us

Our Company's Purpose

Abilytics Technology Pvt Ltd, a tech company based in Mumbai, India, focuses on seeking simple, easy to use, affordable technologies and identify how best they can be adapted to create products with lifesaving possibilities. Our area of expertise is in Safety and Emergency Technologies.

Our Team

We believe that our employees and customers are our most important assets and that it is a true honor to help improve the lives of people with all manner of medical conditions. We espouse a culture of positive encouragement, staff empowerment, and quality customer service. Our team members are proud to create and provide quality, stylish safety and emergency products to our many customers, and we enjoy coming to work each day.

Our Products

MyICETag is a smart tag that uses a Web/ QR enabled technology that empowers you, its owner, to store, organize and share vital Medical information that can be accessed especially In Case of Emergency (ICE).

MyICETag has a range of vital uses and the ability to save lives at crucial junctures in life. You may procure MyICETag medical pendants and bracelets for each individual in the family andĀ also Pet ID) tags for your pets, and upload vital data such as the complete address, contact details, and relevant past and present medical conditions. This information may be accessed by medical professionals by scanning the QR code of the MyICETag app to gain knowledge of the medical content of the person/ pet.

While wonderful for individuals and families, MyICETag also bring their exciting capabilities to schools, hospitals, insurance and more. Also, we have introduced a solution for corporates, whereby the medical information is placed on the Identity Card. The card would also carry the QR code with the medical information and may be carried in the wallet or handbag. This way medical personnel have access to important and accurate medical information that can be vital in cases of emergency and is accessed via the QR on the ID card.

You can purchase a professionally built, ready to use MyICETag products right from our Web Store or partners.