First-Aids in India and why Medical ID tags help!

Mention the word first aid or CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) in India, and rarely would anyone raise their hand in the knowledge of it. In India, Medical ID bracelets and Medical wristbands are non-existent and it is difficult to help someone in need. What are medical ID tags or bracelets? Let’s explain them a bit later here. In India, where emergency services can take time to arrive even in urban locations, first aid gains more importance. People around us in our family and neighborhood, or at work have a range of medical conditions and we are aware of some of them and unaware of many medical conditions people may have a history of. What we are not too aware of how to react in case of an emergency when someone does fall sick and let’s say is not conscious enough to help himself. Even when medical professionals arrive, how do they learn about the medical history of a person? Yes, with the experience they will help the best they can, but if critical information is provided, they can actually go the right path in treating a person.

It is time when we start thinking about learning first aid and spreading awareness of how to tackle emergencies at home and beyond. Let me give you an example. In case of a chest pain, most people would be clueless about what to do and if the person falls unconscious, the only option most people would go for is to call emergency services. Each second is vital in case of a heart attack. A few steps of first aid can save a life. The advanced level of CPR may help revive a person who has stopped breathing. And, if this does not happen in the next few minutes, a person could be brain dead and it would be virtually impossible for medical professionals to revive him. So the first step is providing awareness of first aid and use tools around healthcare to help secure lives.

Medical ID bracelets and wristbands provide valuable help, here; medical ID bracelets and wristbands are worn by humans and for pets, there are Medical ID tags. Browse for information on Medical alert bracelet choices. These tags store your personal and medical history and a quick download of a Mobile Application along with a quick scan can help a medical professional get the medical history of the person or pet in emergencies. There are Medical ID bracelets for boys and girls to secure kids and teenagers. Do you want to ensure the safety of your loved ones by gifting each one a Medical ID bracelet? Your choice may determine their safety in emergencies.