Medical ID bracelets can save the life of a loved one!

If you have medical conditions like Asthma, Cardio issues, or any medical history, then having a Medical ID on your wrist can actually save your (or your loved ones) life in an emergency. ICE stands for In case of Emergency. Hence MyICETag refers to having a tag around you or your pet that can be accessed to source your medical history if required by a paramedical or a doctor treating you.

These IDs come in various forms that make it easy to use! Medical ID bracelets or Medical ID pendants or Medical wristbands are all forms of wearables that can be worn by humans, while pets can wear Medical ID tags around their necks. You may browse to learn more about options and colors of these Medical ID wearables. These IDs store valuable personal and medical information within themselves (it can be inserted by the wearer or someone close to him and updated along time). This medical history is absolutely vital information that medical professional seeks when they need to understand what is going on inside the body of the person in an emergency. The faster they can decode the medical condition, the easier it is for them to provide the right treatment.

The person or medical professional who comes across such a person in an emergency who is wearing the Medical ID would just need to download the Mobile app of and input the ID and password to get access to vital information. The entire personal and medical history is immediately accessed and the path to provide the right care can be initiated.

If you have a kid at home or a pet, a medical bracelet can often be lifesaving in case the kid or the pet gets into a situation of emergency. It is vital you get them to wear these, so you can secure them when they need it most. A lost pet can be recovered if someone scans the tag, as you get immediate text or email with the location and time of the scan, and you can reunite with your pet.

Medical IDs are new but are a great product to help secure lives of people around us, and our own lives. Get yours now!