Safety tips for parents who have a child with Autism- stay safe with Medical alert bracelets


Having a child with Autism is often hard for parents. The fact that you need to be consistently engaged and ensure precautions and care will always have an impact on your regular lives. How do you then deal with this situation of your child with Autism and ensure a level of safety and a smooth flow of life (at least most of it)? Let us review some steps you would be better off following if you are in this situation.

Keep emergency numbers/ doctors at hand

Your phone(s) at home need to be fed in with all emergency numbers so you ensure you don’t lose time searching for contacts when in an emergency!

Ensure an exit proof home

A child with Autism may walk out and get lost. Ensure you do the basics right by having latches and keys out of reach of children. Exit proof your home so your child does not get out of your sights/ get lost.

Make a list of habits/ behaviours

This is a crucial part to keep teachers and caretakers at school informed, so they are aware and do not view everything with the child as abnormal. Keep your channels of communication clear and consistent with those around your child.

Alert authorities

Keep local authorities informed so they can react faster in case the child gets lost or into a situation

Let the child wear Medical Alert Jewellery

Yes, you need to have one at hand. Let the child wear a bracelet or a keychain so in case he does fall ill suddenly, the teachers/ first aiders/ nurses/ paramedics/ doctors have a clear understanding of the history and medications and the persisting condition at hand. Medical alert bracelets come in various forms and colors and your kid can choose his favorite one among the lot offered. The bracelets (or other solutions for Medical jewellery) are really affordable, and allow you to login into an input/ retrieve personal and medical information in. The information can be updated at any time. You can store multiple profiles of family members in an account and in case there is no one around to talk to the doctors, the medical jewellery piece will do that for you. Please browse for further information on Medical ID bracelets. Doctors and Paramedics are trained to look out for such jewellery on patients, and will quickly find them and treat you accordingly, thus saving valuable time of tests and/or trial & errors methodology.

Stay informed- stay safe- and use technology to ensure peace of mind- whatever the medical condition may be.