First Aid and medical ID gadgets at the Workplace- essential or just an additional cost?

As India moves ahead in developing itself towards Global excellence at all level, employee development and providing them value beyond salaries is on the mind of the top HR leaders of India. Large organizations are now more and more engaged in health and safety training. There are workshops, events and often external experts and specialists are called in to help employees get a hold of things – health and safety! But here is the important question- what about First Aid? Are organizations training employees on First Aid that can actually help save lives at work and beyond, including at home!


In India, clinics and emergency services are not always at a hand’s distance; hence it is imperative we look at First aid in a more serious manner. Allocating a budget to it should be on priority. Employees recognize things offered by companies that offer value to them, hence the advantages to the organization is way more than their investment on it.


There are four clear benefits that First Aid training offer.


Tailored to the environment and needs

Beyond the general first aid, often these training would be tailored to meet risk assessment to the industry the training is being offered to, hence offers safety at work. Coupled with this, corporates can also offer Medical ID tags that will carry the personal medical information of the employee. Individuals with issues like allergies, heart or asthma issues, or another medical condition like seizures can wear bracelets that carry information that could be handy to anyone around the casualty. Read more at myicetag.comYou can also get your Company ID to carry a QR code with this information, hence save costs by buying an additional gadget. Learn more at


More informed employees

These pieces of training offer value to employees’ personal lives as these can be applied to emergencies at home too!


Employee Morale

As incidents happen and lives are saves, employees will value the firm more and more over time!


Practical benefits of First Aid pieces of training

These are simpler to understand and include

  • Possibilities of saving lives
  • Confident employees offer greater resistance to emergencies than uninformed ones
  • Societal benefits of this, beyond the workplace, is another huge advantage
  • Vastly helpful in case of accidents/ fire or untoward incidents at work, thus benefiting the company directly. It acts more like an insurance scheme with trained employees coping with contingencies.



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