Some reasons why you should buy Medical Ids?

In case your kids are at home, alone, most of the time- Kids are the most notorious creatures after pandas. And, obviously, in their day to day life, they don't carry Driver's license which put parents to worry, sometimes, especially when the kids are home, alone. It is advisable to most of the parents to have MyICE tag medical Id's. These medical Id's can have the name of the child and the emergency number on which their relatives could be contacted. In case your child gets lost or gets involved in some accident, medical Id will safely have the number of the parents in hand.

1. If you have gone by gastric bypass surgery- If you are someone or you know some family member who has undergone the bypass surgery, advise them to wear medical Id. As, in emergency situations, Emergency medical technicians need to know about patients medical history and it is medically vital to put bling NG tubes in such cases.

2. If someone is suffering from Alzheimer- 

Majorly, Alzheimer, a neurological disorder is seen in old age people; with their day to day lifestyles, they keep forgetting things about their own life. Such people are confused about everything which is happening in their life. If you know someone who has Alzheimer, give them Medical Id to safeguard their lives.

3. If they have Medical Disability-
Many people who have mental retardation or autism, cerebral palsy, physical disabilities or developmental disabilities should get a hang of Medical Ids. It is quite hard for such patients to advocate themselves in an on-going environment.  Medical Id's such as engraved pendants or bracelets which has the contact details and medical information can help in the survival of patients.

To add to the list, People who prefer running for long distances like athletes should get an engraved medical id's. During running, it is quite undesirable to carry some document of your proof, in case you go far and require your documents of identity, you can use the medical id to suttle down the race.