Steel Custom ENGRAVED Pet ID Tag

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  • Uses unique smart phone scannable QR code OR website to help locate your lost pet | dog | puppy | kitten | cat. Works with any QR Scanner. No special App needed. Simple to setup, enjoy Peace of Mind
  • Receive an instant GPS text message and email when your pet's tag is scanned and emergency contacts notified
  • Link your pet's emergency contacts, medical records, allergens, doctors, x-rays, medical reports, vaccinations and much more with the pet tag
  • Ideal for engraving your pet's | dog's name and contact details. Maintenance free, tough, waterproof, impact-proof, durable, light and non intrusive with no batteries, no electronics in dog tag.
  • Package includes setup instructions, smart steel dog id tag and key ring. Attach the pet tag to the pet harness/collar/leash.
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Pet Tags - Peace Of Mind With Protection That's Tough, Maintenance-Free and Works For You 24/7!

Get a Pet MyICETag and create a profile for your pet

Link the profile and Pet tag, Keep your contact details and pet’s critical information up-to-date.

If your pet goes missing

Make sure you have enabled all critical information, so finder can view them through your pet’s profile.

Finder scans the tag or visits profile on web

Any one with a smart phone can scan the tag (no special app needed) or visit your pet’s profile online to view your contact details and pet’s critical information.

Reunited with your pet

You are notified via E-mail/SMS with the GPS location. Also with the detailed contact information, finders can contact you immediately, and your pet gets home faster.

Manage Profile using free Mobile App or Web

With the free mobile app you can manage vitals like – Emergency Contacts, Address, Medical Conditions, Medications, Allergies, Doctors, Hospitalizations, Insurance Details, Blood group and much more, with full control over which information you want to make public.

2 access points to preview the profile

1. QR Code – Simply Scan the QR Code using a smart phone and view the profile you created online. No special app needed.
2. Secure Website - In case a smart phone is not handy simply visit MyICETag website and input ID and PIN.

Notify Emergency Contacts

Create multiple emergency contacts for your pet’s profile. When profile is viewed all emergency contacts can be notified.

Panic Alert Email & SMS

Emergency contacts are notified with a panic alert email and SMS notification, with precise location coordinates when available, as a google maps link.

Google Maps location

Location tracking works using the electronics of the smartphone or computer viewing the tag. Smartphones have detailed awareness of their location at all times, with GPS assist and other location services - so they can share precise location information.

Reunite with your pet

In a matter of minutes you’ll be able to make contact with the rescuer and be on your way to having your pet back home where they belong.