Precautions should you have if you suffer from Coronary Heart disease – Do Medical ID bracelets help?

Having a Coronary heart disease can be scary and life-threatening to its patients. Do you know someone who has a heart condition? Are you or a loved one suffering? Are you too cautious to carry on life normally? Let us look at some precautions you can take and some steps that can help.

Be aware/ regular check-ups

Understanding your disease and limitations can truly help you avoid life-threatening situations. Speak to your doctor, get regular check-ups and stay updated on your own situation. This way you stay in the know and confident.

Food intake

It is absolutely critical that you follow the right diet plans that keep you healthy. Of course, your doctor/ dietitian will allow certain leverages as long as they feel the limits are enforced.


Get a good dose of cardio-vascular exercises. A healthy regime can ensure the longevity of your life and a comfortable life even with the condition at hand.

Medical Alert Jewellery

Ever heard of Medical alert jewelry! Yes, you need to have one at hand. Wear a bracelet or a keychain so in case you do fall ill suddenly, the doctors have a fair view of your history and medications and the persisting condition at hand, even if you are unable to communicate this to them in the situation! Well, how does this system work? Medical alert jewelry comes in various forms and colors and has a QR code that can be scanned to retrieve the medical information. The bracelets (or other solutions for Medical jewelry) are cheap, and allow you to login into the solutions provider’s website and input your personal and medical information in. The information can be updated at any time and can easily be retrieved by the medicos attending to you. You can store multiple profiles of family members in an account and in case there is no one around to talk to the doctors, the medical jewelry piece will do that for you. You can browse for further information. Doctors and Paramedics are trained to look out for such jewelry on patients, and will quickly find them and treat you accordingly, thus saving valuable time of tests and/or trial & errors methodology.

So Coronary heart disease, or any other condition- what matters is your approach to stay healthy and stay informed, and keep your medical practitioners in the know via the Medical alert bracelets in case the situation does arise where you are not in a position to communicate.


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