Are Dogs and Cats really enemies?

Remember the common phrase, “They fight like cats and dogs?” We have heard this over the last few decades, or generations that cats and dogs fight like help. They hate each other. Want to get rid of cats? Get dogs in! But are the cats and dogs really enemies as they are known to be! Is it a general rule that they do not like each other or are there other facts we need to understand here? We have all seen videos of cats and dogs getting along really well! So what changes the relationship between cats and dogs? What is the story of humans’ most loved animals not getting along with each other?

Despite, what people may lead you to believe, dogs and cats are not born enemies. They develop a certain feeling over a period of time, and it is mostly situational. Let us look at a few scenarios. We would need to understand that dogs and cats are different species and hence have varied habits. 

Consider the butt sniff greeting. Dog meets a dog and they exchange a butt sniff. Then they develop a great rapport. Lo and behold, they are now friends! Now a dog meets a new cat and goes butt sniffing. But for the cat, a bigger animal sniffing at the back end of their body is not the most comfortable situation to deal with, and the cat may try and run away. Seeing a cat run, the dog’s predatory instincts ask it to run behind, thinking alongside, that, “yes - the furry creature that is fleeing away needs to be chased.” In a scenario like this, the friendship between a cat and dog is highly unlikely. Nature is also attributed to the fact that dogs were domesticated and trained to chase smaller animals, thus the instinct kicks in almost instantly.

But, Dogs and Cats can get along. You would need to start raising them together and when they start young and grow up together; they are most likely to be friends rather than enemies. This way you ensure the relationship is everything but that of an enemy. The dogs and cats will tend to see others as equals and would not face uncomfortable situations, including the behavior of dogs of butt sniffing.

There are other ways to introduce a smaller puppy to a grown-up cat or a kitten to a grown-up Dog. We will discover them on our other blogs. What we can definitely learn that the right communication can help develop great bonds even between dogs and cats, which may otherwise portray a different image of being non-friendly animals.

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