Medical ID tags: A Technological Invention to Bolster Medical Emergencies

Road Rage: The most common phenomenon in India that takes away a lot of lives on the road. As per the research and analysis of WHO or World Health Organizations, by 2025, road rage will claim 2,25,000 lives. Similarly, other medical emergencies, especially, the cardiac arrests and heart-attacks will claim a lot many lives, if not adequately catered. With over 30 million heart patients in India, proper infrastructure and support can quickly deal with an emergency like situation.


In such tough times, when the victim is all on his own, without any known friends, family, and acquaintances, the presence of “My ICE Tag” can serve the purpose and save many lives. The person carrying these tags can feed as much information about their medical condition, as they want. Such information is vital to give the “First-Aid-Treatment”. Most of the deaths happen due to lack of time for diagnosis during emergencies. So, having a MyICETag on your wrist or neck can quickly help the attendants or medical professionals during an emergency situation.


Here is a list of few people could benefit from MyICETag bracelets and tags


Diabetic Patients: Diabetic attacks can happen at any point in time. Imagine a situation where you are outdoors, in a remote location and you have a diabetic seizure. At such times, the My ICE Tag can aid you. Anyone who will approach you can access information by just running the QR scanner check.


Epilepsy or Seizures: During seizures or epileptic attack, the presence of My ICE Tag can inform the person attending the patient during such emergency time.

 Allergies: People who are allergic can face life-threatening situations and Medical ID tags can help.


What can be engraved on The My ICE Tag?

 Personal Data

In the ICE Tag, all the necessary information that can bolster the “First-aid-treatment”  will support instant help would be required including the name of the patient, age, and contact details of someone who could be contacted.

 Medical information

Place as much medical history, allergies, and health information as you can.

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Keep all these things in mind and act accordingly; the result will be a lifesaver indeed!

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