Medical alert id, pet tags, pendants and bracelets- What is it?

Unlike any jewelry, the medical alert bracelet can save your life! Basically, Medical id provides your medical profile in case of emergency; there are common discomforts in wearing medical bracelets and pendants as people might drag unwanted attention to their medical condition or diagnosis. But, the truth is Medical alert ID can be and are life-saving.  
If you have some allergies or you have recently been diagnosed with some disorder or dis-functioning then a quick diagnosis of your condition can lead to a better emergency treatment and it is possible with the help of MyICEtag Medical Id's, pendants and bracelets. MyICEtag IDs are also available for pets. Your MyICEtag medical id will notify doctor or nurses, at the time of emergency with your previous medical history so that the valuable time does not get wasted in an articulation of views/thoughts. 

Now, who should wear a medical ID? 
If you have any allergy or any chronic disease, or you take certain medication, then you should get MyICEtag Medical ID. Usually, if you fall into an emergency, and your doctor is not aware of your allergies/disease then it may alter the treatment. "Let your Medical ID bracelet speak for you when you can't." 

We have listed few conditions and people that should wear or have a Medical alert bracelet.

  • Heart Patient
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Asthma
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Allergy to Medicines such as Morphine or Penicillin
  • Gastric bypass patient
  • Memory Impaired
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    If you think that we have left anything on this list, please contribute to the comment section. 



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